Author Date Title Link PDF
Brandis et al. 2011 Crisis water management and ibis breeding at Narran Lakes in arid Australia
Ren and Kingsford 2011 Statistically Integrated Flow and Flood Modelling Compared to Hydrologically Integrated Quantity and Quality Model for Annual Flows in the Regulated Macquarie River in Arid Australia

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Timms and Lindsay 2011 Morphometrics of the resting eggs of the fairy shrimp Branchinella in Australia (Anostraca: Thamnocephalidae)

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Brandis, K. 2011 Colonial waterbird breeding View PDF
Roger et al. 2011 Road impacts a tipping point for wildlife populations in threatened landscapes

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Jenkins et al. 2011 Climate change and freshwater ecosystems in Oceania: an assessment of vulnerability and adaptation opportunities
Brandis and Watson 2011 Estuarine Wetland and Migratory Bird Survey and Priority Habitat Mapping View PDF
Jenkins et al. 2011 Invertebrate monitoring and modeling in the Macquarie Marshes
Ridoutt and Kingsford 2011 Organohalogenated pollutants in Australian white ibis (Threskiornis molucca) eggs View PDF
Nairn et al. 2011 A case study of risks to flows and floodplain ecosystems posed by structures on the Macquarie Floodplain View PDF
Porter et al. 2011 Aerial Survey of Wetland Birds in Eastern Australia - October 2011 Annual Summary Report View PDF
French et al. 2011 Recruitment limitation of native species in invaded coastal dune communities
Gawne et al. 2011 A Review of River Ecosystem Condition in the Murray-Darling Basin View PDF
Blackwood et al. 2010 The effect of river red gum decline on woodland birds in the Macquarie Marshes View PDF
Kingsford et al. 2010 Measuring ecosystem responses to flow across organism scales. Northern Basin Southern Basin: Ecosystem Response Modelling in the Murray Darling Basin
Kingsford and Hankin 2010 The impact of the proposed Tillegra Dam on the Hunter River Estuary, its Ramsar wetland and migratory shorebirds View PDF
Brandis, K. 2010 Colonial Waterbird Breeding in Australia: wetlands, water requirements and environmental flows View PDF
Kingsford 2010 Recent salinity trends in the Hunter River Estuary - implications for proposed building of Tillegra Dam View PDF
Timms 2009 Biodiversity of large branchiopods of Australian saline lakes

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Jenkins et al. 2009 Developing Indicators for Floodplain Wetlands: Managing Water in Agricultural Landscapes
Mason et al. 2009 Do graminoid and woody invaders have different effects on species richness within plant functional groups in native communities?
Roger 2009 The persistence of common wombats in road impacted environments

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Jenkins et al. 2009 Waterbird diet, foraging and food analysis: Narran Lakes ibis breeding event 2008
Timms 2009 A study of the salt lakes and salt springs of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

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Rayner et al. 2009 Small environmental flows, drought and the role of refugia for freshwater fish in the Macquarie Marshes, arid Australia
Kingsford et al. 2009 Engineering a crisis in a Ramsar wetland: the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth, Australia View PDF
Timms 2009 Geomorphology of Lake Basins
Brandis et al. 2009 Preliminary assessment for the environmental water requirements of waterbird species in the Murray Darling Basin View PDF
Armstrong et al. 2009 The effect of regulating the Lachlan River on the Booligal Wetlands - the floodplain red gum swamps View PDF
Timms 2009 A study of the salt lakes inland of Esperance, Western Australia, with special reference to the role of ground water acidity and episodicity


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