There is widespread evidence that the ecological health of the Lake Eyre Basin rivers is in good condition, reflected in the recent assessment of basin condition and other assessments . In addition, long- 4 term surveys of more than 50 waterbird species over three decades indicate that the waterbird community is highly variable but with few trends, apart from migratory shorebirds and fish communities are also in good condition, contrasting other river systems in Australia.

And we’re off again - starting the 37th

Bandicoots, Stick-nest Rats and Bilbies used to call the Strzelecki Desert in Sturt National Park home.

As a top-ranked university worldwide, UNSW Sydney is currently seeking doctoral candidates for the Scientia scholarship program.
An animal caring for a sick, injured, or dead individual of its own kind is referred to as epimeletic behavior.
With the Federal election verdict widely attributed to ‘quiet Australians’ favouring the economy over the environment, one key point has been missed in the wash-up analysis.
Do you want to contribute to the health of Australian rivers, flora and fauna?
Relying on picture books to identify plants? Uncertain about the identifications?
Exposing vulnerable species like the bilby to an environment with predators before releasing them into the wild could help improve the species’ ultimate survival.
Introduced cats are a key threat to 123 of Australia’s threatened species.

Water is a hot topic in our currently drought affected country. Do we have enough water? How do we balance the needs of both agriculture and the environment?

There has been considerable public attention on the effects of the Water Sharing Plan for the Barwon-Darling and Alluvial Water Sources 2012.