Managing for Biodiversity in Boom and Bust Cycle Environments

Managing for Biodiversity in Boom and Bust Cycle Environments

Thanks to a scholarship from our partners in ecosystem science, Bush Heritage Australia, Justin McCann from the Centre of Ecosystem Science will be conducting research at the Bush Heritage property, Naree Station Reserve. This site is located 125 km north-west of Bourke near Yantabulla Swamp on the Cuttaburra Creek within the Warrego River catchment. The purpose of this collaboration is to inform the conservation management of the property for biodiversity values, and understand its importance in the greater Warrego-Paroo catchments.


Research Program: 
Adaptive Management
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Conservation Practice

Updates for this project

Native mammals enjoy the good times at Naree

Repost from the Bush Heritage blog:

Surveying vegetation

We have been working hard at Naree to complete our vegetation plots, measuring the effect of creating reserves such as Naree on vegetation. Winter annuals are thriving after recent rains and making us work hard to identify them all.

Fence construction

Our first field trip for 2016 involved building fences to measure the impact of grazing on Yantabulla Swamp.

We were able to do this experiment thanks to the generousity of Comeroo Camel Station and Kia Ora.

Installing pitfall traps

Our second field trip ran smoothly, installing pitfall traps for capturing small mammals on the floodplains of Naree and Yantabulla.

First field trip

This April was the first field trip to Naree to study its boom-bust ecology.

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