Murray Icon Wetland Survey

Waterbirds of the Murray Darling Basin

Aerial survey of waterbird communities of the Murray Darling Basin

MDBA logoAerial surveys of waterbirds can be used to identify high conservation wetlands as well as estimate species’ abundance and monitor changes in wetland condition over large temporal and spatial scales. In November 2007 an aerial waterbird survey of The Living Murray (TLM) Icon Wetland Sites was successfully completed, the first survey of all Icon sites at one time. Previous waterbird surveys had been icon site specific using ground based assessments.

In 2008, aerial waterbird surveys were performed in spring to coincide with separately funded programs including the Eastern Australian Waterbird Survey and The National Waterbird Survey. In 2013, reporting of Murray Icon Sites (MI) (2007-2012) and Hydrological Indicator Sites (HIS) (2010-2012) were combined under the single title of Targeted Wetlands Sites. 

The Aerial Survey of waterbird communities of the Murray Darling Basin aims to:

  1. Undertake annual aerial waterbird surveys of 39 Wetland Sites (for example Barmah-Millewa; Gunbower-Koondrook-Pericoota; Hattah Lakes, Chowilla-Lindsay-Wallpolla; Lower Lakes-Coorong-Murray Mouth; River Murray Channel) in spring to coincide with the annual Eastern Australian Waterbird Survey
  2. Undertake the surveys at a scale to inform on water birds on water bodies and wetlands
  3. Report on waterbird survey at the icon site and with reference to the current years Eastern Australian Waterbird Survey

The project is funded by Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

Richard Kingsford has spoken to ABC News about the 2014 survey. Click here to listen to the story. Click here to view the ABC News story.

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Updates for this project

Aerial Survey, 17th November 2014

17/11/14 – Richard Kingsford

Aerial Survey, 16th November 2014

Thankfully Saturday’s heat was gone but there was a howling southwesterly wind, just what we didn’t really want going west. First we ‘mopped up’ surveying a couple of small wetland areas around the Gwydir before we headed west for the Paroo.

Aerial Survey, 15th November 2014

15/11/14 – Richard Kingsford

Aerial Survey, 7th November 2014

7/11/14 – Richard Kingsford

Aerial Survey, 6th November 2014

6/11/14 – Richard Kingsford

Aerial Survey, 5th November 2014

5/11/14 – Richard Kingsford

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