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Timms 2009 The biogeography and conservation status of the Australian endemic brine shrimp Parartemia (Crustacea, Anostraca, Parartemiidae)

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Brandis et al. 2009 Environmental Watering for Waterbirds in The Living Murray Icon Sites View PDF
Timms 2009 Biodiversity of large branchiopods of Australian saline lakes

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Jenkins et al. 2009 Developing Indicators for Floodplain Wetlands: Managing Water in Agricultural Landscapes
Mason et al. 2009 Do graminoid and woody invaders have different effects on species richness within plant functional groups in native communities?
Roger 2009 The persistence of common wombats in road impacted environments

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Timms 2009 A study of the salt lakes and salt springs of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

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Rayner et al. 2009 Small environmental flows, drought and the role of refugia for freshwater fish in the Macquarie Marshes, arid Australia
Jenkins et al. 2009 Waterbird diet, foraging and food analysis: Narran Lakes ibis breeding event 2008
Timms 2009 Geomorphology of Lake Basins
Kingsford et al. 2009 Engineering a crisis in a Ramsar wetland: the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth, Australia View PDF
Armstrong et al. 2009 The effect of regulating the Lachlan River on the Booligal Wetlands - the floodplain red gum swamps View PDF
Timms 2009 A study of the salt lakes inland of Esperance, Western Australia, with special reference to the role of ground water acidity and episodicity
Kingsford et al. 2008 A case study: floodplain development on the Paroo River, the last free-flowing river in the Murray-Darling Basin View PDF
Kingsford et al. 2008 Waterbrid response to flooding in the northern Murray-Darling Basin 2008 View PDF
Mason and French 2008 Impacts of a woody invader vary in different vegetation communities
Ramp et al. 2008 Frequency of animal-vehicle collisions in New South Wales
Green et al. 2008 The potential role of waterbirds in dispersing invertebrates and plants in arid Australia
French et al. 2008 Management implications of recent research into the effect of bitou bush invasion
Kim Jenkins 2007 Detecting impacts and setting restoration targets in arid-zone rivers: aquatic microinvertebrates responses to loss of floodplain inundation
Mason and French 2007 Management regimes for plant invaders differentially impact resident communities
Mason et al. 2007 Moderate impacts of plant invasion and management regimes in coastal hind dune seed banks
Kingsford 2007 Heritage Rivers: new directions for the protection of Australia's high conservation rivers, wetlands and estuaries
Boulton, A.J. 2006 Natural disturbance and aquatic invertebrates in desert rivers
Young et al. 2006 Modelling monthly streamflows in two Australian dryland rivers: Matching model complexity to spatial scale and data availability
Kim Jenkins 2005 A common parched future? Research and management of Australian arid-zone floodplain wetlands
Mason et al. 2005 Environmental weed control policy in Australia: current approaches, policy limitations and future directions
Kingsford et al. 2004 Classifying landform at broad spatial scales: the distribution and conservation of wetlands in New South Wales, Australia
Kingsford et al. 2004 Imposed hydrological stability on lakes in arid Australia and effects on waterbirds
Kim Jenkins 2003 Ecological connectivity in a dryland river: short-term aquatic micoinvertebrate recruitment following floodplain inundation


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