The Strzelecki Desert trip is coming to an end and the crew is almost on their way home

The trip started off a bit wet with lots of rain during the first half of the trip. However, trapping was a success on our second site (dingoes present). Seems like all the little critters were trying to hide from the rain in our pitfall traps. We caught a huge variety of native species: Mulgaras, Dusky Hopping Mice, Plains Mice, Dunnarts, Desert Mice, Sandy Inland Mice and Long-haired Rats. Camels and Dingo pups were sighted, too.

Site three (no dingoes present): As expected the third site didn’t offer us much in the traps other than a couple of Hopping Mice. Plenty of cats were sighted during the nightly spotlight runs.

Site four (dingoes present): And back we are in Hopping Mice Country. The traps are full of these cute little hoppers and the team is busy collecting information on body measurements and sex. The nights have become a bit cooler but thank god for the bath tub that is connected to an artesian spring. There is no better way than finishing off a hard day’s work with a hot bath and a cold beer.

Biodiversity sampling in Strzelecki Regional Reserve
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