More than just field work

We survived the hot weather in Scotia to arrive in a soggy Roxby Downs, the town nearby Arid Recovery Reserve. Our team has expanded to 7 (give or take one or two) because we are running 4 projects simultaneously - my seed predation experiment, exclusion fencing and two bilby-based projects by fellow Landscape Groupie Lisa Steindler

My seed predation experiment has been in full swing since day one, and the bettongs here are living up to their voracious reputation. Even after a month of straight seed experiments I'm still excited to see who has been visiting my foraging trays and if they've tried anything new to get into the exclusion treatment. 

We had a delay in getting our materials for the fence experiment, so had some spare time on our hands to help out with some of Arid Recovery's community engagement. We helped out with Bilby Burrow in Roxby Downs with our volunteer Dimpu stepping up to the plate as Macca the Easter Bilby. Dimpu enjoyed teaching the kids about bilby biology and says that he "hopes that Macca inspired kids to be involved in conservation just as seeing the passion Steve Irwin had for animals inspired him". 

Yesterday we celebrated Easter with a field-work themed egg hunt and a BBQ, which was made especially exciting with a visit from a special marsupial. Watch the video of our little visitor here.

Just one week left!

Shrub Encroachment as a Legacy of Native Mammal Decline
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