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ANSTO Feather Map Citizen Science Project


Wetlands are habitats that are critical for Australia’s waterbirds however they are under threat from reduced river flows and flooding, drought, climate change and land use changes.

Help turn the tide by simply collecting wetland bird feathers you find on the ground or in the water from inland wetlands across Australia.

Researchers from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and the University of New South Wales will analyse the feathers using nuclear techniques to track the movement of waterbirds, creating the first ever Feather Map of Australia. This information can be used by water and wetland managers to inform decision making and help researchers better understanding waterbirds to ensure their survival.


Check out the website for more information including an interactive map!

Stable isotope analysis - a new frontier in tracking waterbirds and wetland condition
Research Programs: 
Wetland Ecology and Stable Isotopes
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