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Australian Wildlife Society & BEES Scholarship

Australian Wildlife Society Postgraduate Scholarship 


Farming Fish for Change

The ACIAR-funded NFA-UNSW collaborative project on inland aquaculture in PNG has released a video on the social and economic impacts of its research and community engagement activities.


Sydney Morning Herald

Once again, professor Richard Kingsford's waterbird survey has made headlines!


Feather Map of Australia Promotional Video



Opinion: Halting biodiversity loss-legislation fails to deliver for NSW

UNSW professor Richard Kingsford addresses conservation concerns in NSW.


Floods boost bird populations across Murray Darling, Eyre Basin river systems

As the 2016 Eastern Australian Waterbird Survey comes to an end, Professor Richard K


Scientia Scholarship on healthy burning practices for threatened plants

Scientia PhD Scholarship - Identifying healthy burning practices for Australia’s threatened plant species


Scientia Scholarship on ecosystem restoration through a rewilding project

Scientia PhD Scholarship - Ecosystem restoration through rewilding


Scientists call to protect the Channel Country

Professor Richard Kingsford, Director of the Centre for Ecosystem Science h


Tracking Yellow-tailed black cockatoos

Jessica Rooke has had a spectacular start to her honours project with successful trapping and attaching 


Scientists’ declaration: Accelerating forest, woodland and grassland destruction in Australia

photo credit: Christine Hosking


Submission to the draft Biodiversity and Local Land Services legislation

The Centre for Ecosystem Science has prepared a submission to the draft Biodiversity and Local Land Services legislation.


Thirlmere Lakes

CES researchers have found that serious declines in water levels i


Sydney Morning Herald Article: Mapping Australian wetlands, feather by feather

The Sydney Morning Herald's Journalist, Peter Barrett has written an article about the Feather Map Program.


Discovery: Extinct mouse resurfaces in state’s west

A big-eared native mouse declared extinct in NSW after not being seen for more than 80 years has been found at the UNSW Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station near Broken Hill.


Study: Endangered African wild dogs use high speed rather than endurance to catch prey

A unique study of African wild dogs in which high-tech collars were attached to all members of a pack t


Dingo skull resistant to change from cross breeding with dogs, research shows

 Photo of a dingo in outback Australia with a 3D skull reconstructed from a CT


Genetic assessment of threats to platypus due to river modification

Luis Mijangos   


Harvest of Harmony

The highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG) are some of the world’s most culturally and environmentally diverse regions.


Arid field season off to a roaring start in 2016

The 2016 field season has kicked off with a big start for researchers in the Landscape


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