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Sydney Morning Herald Article: Mapping Australian wetlands, feather by feather

The Sydney Morning Herald's Journalist, Peter Barrett has written an article about the Feather Map Program.


Discovery: Extinct mouse resurfaces in state’s west

A big-eared native mouse declared extinct in NSW after not being seen for more than 80 years has been found at the UNSW Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station near Broken Hill.


Study: Endangered African wild dogs use high speed rather than endurance to catch prey

A unique study of African wild dogs in which high-tech collars were attached to all members of a pack t


Dingo skull resistant to change from cross breeding with dogs, research shows

 Photo of a dingo in outback Australia with a 3D skull reconstructed from a CT


Genetic assessment of threats to platypus due to river modification

Luis Mijangos   


Harvest of Harmony

The highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG) are some of the world’s most culturally and environmentally diverse regions.


Arid field season off to a roaring start in 2016

The 2016 field season has kicked off with a big start for researchers in the Landscape


Feather Map of Australia

A joint research project between the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the University of NSW (UNSW), we are enlisting “citizen scientists” to gather bird feathers f


PhD Opportunities in Botswana

Four PhD fellowship opportunities are available for independent and self-motivated students who have 1st Class Honours degree in Biological Sciences and have an Australian Government Postgr


Flooding and floristics in River Red Gum forests

Frequent flooding characterises River Red Gum forests and is known to change the understorey floristic compositio


The Lake Eyre Basin Partnership won the 2015 International River Prize

The Lake Eyre Basin Partnership won the 2015 International River Prize on Tuesday 22nd September at the River Symposium in Brisbane.


African wild dog ranging patterns in northern Botswana

African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) are endangered social predators, and their risk of extinction is linked to their extremely wide-ranging behaviour.


Professor David Keith and IUCN Red List Team Win Eureka

Professor David Keith, holding a joint position in the Centre for Ecosystem Science at UNSW, Australia and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, and his team are deserved winners of the 2015


Research Fellow in Fire Ecology

The Centre for Ecosystem Science, School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) is seeking to appoint a remote sensing researcher to undertake research and postgraduate supervision w


Improving Technologies for Inland Aquaculture in PNG

A new inland aquaculture research project was launched in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea (PNG) on 11 August 2015.


Space-eye-view could help stop global wildlife decline

Space-eye-view could help stop global wildlife decline


Cave study reveals 3000 years of climate variation

Research on limestone formations in a remote Scottish cave has produced a unique 3000-year-long record of climatic variations that may have influenced historical events including the fall of the Ro


RV Investigator discovers a 50 million year old volcano cluster off the coast of Sydney

Australia’s new ocean-going research vessel Investigator has discovered extinct volcanoes likely to be 50 million years old, about 250 km off the coast of Sydney in 4,900 m of water.


'Climate change compounding threats to Australia's ecosystems, studies find'



River Red Gums in the Macquarie Marshes: Effects of Water Resource Development and Hope for Environmental Flows

The building of dams and diversion from rivers has had a major impact on the wetlands of the Murray-Darling Basin. The Macquarie Marshes is one of the better studied of these wetlands.


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