Gayini, a vast 87,816 hectare property, is now legally owned by the Nari Nari people, as it has been spiritually for 50,000 years! What a proud day for Nari Nari, the TNC family and their consortium partners.

This area will be managed for the conservation of its precious wildlife, the development of sustainable agriculture and the protection of significant cultural heritage. 

There are significant environmental, cultural, social and economic costs of building dams.

The Centre for Ecosystem Science and the Wild Deserts project welcomes the opportunity to provide advice to this important inquiry.

The Centre for Ecosystem Science, UNSW Sydney is seeking a doctoral candidate for a project investigating the sustainable conservation manageme

The new national park declared by the NSW government is still in excellent condition because its water supply remains largely intact, a top ecologist says.

The building of a re-regulating storage on the Macquarie River, as a proposed action has been referred to the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment for assessme

The proposed enlargement of Wyangala Dam by WaterNSW has been referred to the Australian Government for assessment against Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES).

A new UNSW study demands better transparency around the idiosyncratic water management rules governing water allocation in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Subsidised irrigators extracted up to 28 per cent more water than those who received no funds under a national Murray-Darling Basin irrigation efficiency program, a new study has found.

We have focused our submission on providing recommendations relevant to the modernising the EPBC Act and its operation to address current and future environmental challenges as detailed in the Term

The Centre for Ecosystem Science welcomes the opportunity to provide advice to the Draft Wildlife Conservation Plan for Seabirds, Commonwealth o

There is widespread evidence that the ecological health of the Lake Eyre Basin rivers is in good condition, reflected in the recent assessment of basin condition and other assessments .

2019 Aerial Survey of Wetland Birds in Eastern Australia