Associate Professor Bryce Kelly

Associate Professor Bryce Kelly

Field of Research
Air, Water, Isotopes, Greenhouse Gases

My research focuses on:

  • Managing surface and ground water throughout the Murray-Darling Basin,
  • Measuring greenhouse gases sources and sinks,
  • Carbon accounting, comparing top-down versus bottom-up emissions inventories, and
  • Characterising the isotopic signature of sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the next century there will be unprecedented pressures on the environment (particularly on water, soil and air) due to global warming and increasing population. There is a critical need to measure greenhouse gas emissions, so that their generation can be managed. Australia is large and we need many people involved to improve our understanding of water and gas movement throughout the landscape. Being involved in measuring water movement and sources and sinks of greenhouse gases is one way to make a positive contribution to managing the impacts of global warming. UNSW is at the forefront of measuring gases and their isotopic compositions. Within our gas lab we have:

  • Picarro G2132-i Analyser for δ13C for methane
  • Picarro G2201-i Analyser for δ13C for methane and carbon dioxide
  • Los Gatos Research Isotopic N2O Analyser (site-specific δ15N, δ18O and N2O)
  • Los Gatos Research Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyser (CH4, CO2, H2O)
  • Los Gatos Research dissolved gas extraction unit

We also have access to facilities within the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre

And we work closely with the Institute for Environmental Research at ANSTO

The Connected Waters Initiative Research Centre has a wide variety of near-surface geophysical and hydrological measurement systems

In the Media: Teaching:
  • GEOS1111 Fundamentals of Geology (Lecturer)
  • GEOS2291 Earth’s Interconnections (Course Coordinator, Lecturer)
  • GEOS3733 Environmental Geophysics – undergraduate (Lecturer)
  • GEOS6733 Environmental Geophysics – postgraduate (Lecturer)
Affiliations Professional Affiliations
  • Member - American Geophysical Union
  • Member – European Geosciences Union
  • Member – International Association of Hydrogeology
Awards & Achievements
  • Finalist, 2016 Cotton Industry Researcher of the Year
  • Finalist, 2011 Eureka Prize in the category “National Water Commission Professor Peter Cullen Eureka Prize for Water Research and Innovation”.
  • Cotton Catchment Communities CRC – Achiever of the month award for “The development of a new approach for constructing 3D conceptual hydrogeological models of catchments”. September 2010.
  • Cotton Catchment Communities CRC - Science and Innovation award for “The Development of Electrical Imaging Techniques for Soil Water Monitoring”, 2007
Supervision Opportunities/Areas

For studies with particular reference to: the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from wetlands, estuaries, urban settings, coal mining and gas production; measuring and modelling terrestrial biosphere-atmosphere fluxes of water, CO2, CH4 and N20; using stable isotopes as tracers, please send your resume to


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