Mr Corey Callaghan

Dr Corey Callaghan

Adjunct Associate Lecturer
Field of Research
Biodiversity, Avian, Modelling, Urban Ecology

My research generally relates to global change ecology, and is aimed at better understanding how anthropogenic activities influence biodiversity responses spatially and temporally. Most of the work I do falls into one of three general spheres: (1) urban ecology; (2) citizen science; and (3) ornithology. However, often my work involves more than one of these three spheres. Examples of recent research project including estimating the economic potential of vagrant birdwatching, continental-scale responses of bird diversity to urbanization, and mechanisms with which to improve future biodiversity sampling by citizen scientists. While I generally use birds as a taxon, I am increasingly interested in other taxa responses to urbanization (e.g., frogs).


Level 5 East, Biological Sciences South (E26),