Muhammad Chaidir Undu

Muhammad Chaidir Undu

(also known as Bobby)

I am a John Allwright Fellow (ACIAR) studying the downstream effects of land-based aquaculture in Indonesia. My studies commenced in March 2010 and I am close to submitting my thesis.  I am training in Australia to become a full researcher at the Research Institute for Aquaculture in Maros, Indonesia.  My research is conducted in Hurun Bay in Lampung Province, Indonesia, but before my Master’s program I conducted research on aquaculture development in other parts of Indonesia under an ACIAR project.  My Masters research is evaluating:

  1. The nutrient characteristics of intensive shrimp pond effluent and it’s interaction with the seasons.
  2. The temporal and spatial impacts of intensive shrimp pond effluent enriched-nutrients on water quality and sediments in Hurun Bay.
  3. The effectiveness of fatty acids as the tracers of organic matters in Hurun Bay.

Thesis Title: Effect of Effluent from an Intensive Shrimp Farm on Water Quality and Sediment Properties in Hurun Bay, Lampung, Indonesia.

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