Professor Richard Kingsford

Professor Richard Kingsford

Field of Research
Conservation biology, wetland and river management

Director of the Centre for Ecosystem Science

Professor Richard Kingsford is a river ecologist and conservation biologist who has worked extensively across the wetlands and rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin and Lake Eyre Basin. He worked for the NSW Government Environment agency from 1986-2004. He also worked with many different communities and governments across this region. His research has influenced the policy and management of rivers in Australia, including through involvement on state and federal advisory committees. He also leads a reintroduction or rewilding project, Wild Deserts, in Sturt National Park (NSW), collaborating on the Platypus Conservation Initiative and Red-Listing of Ecosystems. He is also researches effective ways of implementing effective conservation actions through developing adaptive management approaches and engagement with communities.  


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+61 2 9385 3442

Room 5111, Level 5, Biological Sciences South (E26), UNSW, Kensington 2052