Lake Brewster pelican banding
Waterbirds of Eastern Australia
Long-term study of Murray-Darling Basin and Lake Eyre Basin wetlands  reveals severe impact of dams and water diversions A landmark 30-year-long UNSW study of wetlands in eastern Australia found that construction of dams and diversion of water from ...
Wild Deserts Project in Sturt National Park
Wild Deserts is an exciting new partnership between the University of New South Wales, Ecological Horizons and the Office of Environment and Heritage, with a vision to understand, restore and promote desert ecosystems. ...
River Basin Ecosystem Management Field Course-Botswana
River Basin Ecosystem Management (BIOS6723) Costs  We have tried to constrain costs a...
Platypus Conservation Initiative
There is mounting evidence that populations are declining due to multiple stressors, including habitat loss and fragmentation and poor river management ...

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2017 Waterbird survey

The aerial survey team have begun the 35th annual waterbird survey of eastern Australia surveying all major wetland sites in the Murray-Darling Basin and other sites in the Riverina for waterbirds. The project is supported by all eastern State conservation agencies and the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

Blogs are accessible on the map below. Click on a survey route to read the blog post.

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