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Adaptive Management

Alumni Diaries
Strategic Adaptive Management
Managing for Ecosystem Change in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area
Limit to climate change adaption in floodplain wetlands
Managing for Biodiversity in Boom and Bust Cycle Environments
Adaptive Management of Ramsar Wetlands

River Management, Waterbirds, Wetland Dynamics, Policy

Ecosystem Conservation and Management – BIOS2123
Ecosystem Conservation and Management – BIOS2123
Ecosystem Conservation and Management – BIOS2123
Ecosystem Conservation and Management – BIOS2123


Eastern Australian Waterbird Survey
Agriculture, wetlands and waterbirds
Murray Icon Wetland Survey
Waterbirds - Sentinels of environmental flow in the Murray-Darling Basin?
Colonial Waterbirds
National Waterbird Survey
Ibis ecotoxicology
Botany Bay Shorebirds
Waterbirds in response to environmental flows in the Macquarie Marshes
Waterbirds of the Macquarie Marshes
Lake Brewster pelican banding
Prioritizing Wetlands for Waterbirds in a Boom and Bust System: Waterbird Refugia and Breeding in the Murray-Darling Basin

River Management, Waterbirds, Wetland Dynamics, Ecosystem Dynamics, Policy

River Basin Ecosystem Management (BIOS6723)
River Basin Ecosystem Management (BIOS6723)
River Basin Ecosystem Management (BIOS6723)
River Basin Ecosystem Management (BIOS6723)
River Basin Ecosystem Management (BIOS6723)

Sustainable Aquaculture

Improving technologies for inland aquaculture in Papua New Guinea
Hydrogeomorphic approaches and estuary classification to improve acid sulfate soil mapping for Indonesian aquaculture
Improving spiny lobster farming technologies in Indonesia
GIS for aquaculture planning in Indonesia
Aquaculture Management in Aceh Province
A Comparison of the Growth Performance of GIFT Tilapia in PNG Fed Locally and Commercially Formulated Fish Feed
Sustainable rice-shrimp farming in the Mekong Delta
Perception of Climate Change Risks in an Indonesian Aquaculture Community
A SWOT analysis of Papua New Guinea’s inland fisheries and aquaculture sectors
Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sustainable Agriculture
Understanding soil-related constraints on aquaculture production in the highlands of Papua New Guinea
Application of GIS and remote sensing to assess sustainable mariculture and protect conservation zones
Aquaculture and Environmental Planning Group
Inland Aquaculture in PNG
Impacts of intensive shrimp farming in Lampung
Indigenous Peoples’ participation in Indonesian Environmental Impact Assessment

Wetland Dynamics

Thirlmere Lakes
Inundation Patterns

Food Webs and Invertebrates Community Dynamics

Micro-invertebrate Community Dynamics and Flooding in the Macquarie Marshes

Aquatic Species Ecology

Riparian Monitoring
Aquatic Invertebrate Strategies for Coping with Drought
Bats in the Murray-Darling
The Ecological Response of Insectivorous Bats to Coastal Lagoon Degradation
Fish recruitment and survivorship in ephemeral floodplains
Invertebrate biodiversity in temporary waters

Environmental Flows

Environmental flows and wetland vegetation restoration

River Red Gum Dynamics and Management

The Impacts of Extended Inter-Flood Frequency on River Red Gum Carbon and Floodplain Biota in the Macquarie Marshes
River red gum decline and woodland birds

River Management

Adequacy of environmental assessment of the proposed Macquarie River pipeline to the city of Orange

Ecosystem Dynamics

The influence of fine-scale climate variability on patterns of plant community diversity
Catchment water yield
Community Stability of Upland Swamp Vegetation
Long Term Environmental Response Monitoring
Mallee Ecosystem Dynamics

Spatial Analyses and GIS, Vegetation Survey and Mapping, Ecosystem Dynamics

NSW Regional Native Vegetation Classification and Mapping Project
NSW Regional Native Vegetation Classification and Mapping Project
NSW Regional Native Vegetation Classification and Mapping Project

Ecosystem Dynamics, Vegetation Survey and Mapping

Temperate Highland Peat Swamps on Sandstone
Temperate Highland Peat Swamps on Sandstone


Post-Fire Seed Production in Hakea Gibbosa
Managing fire regimes with thresholds to save threatened flora and fauna

Invasive Species (Terrestrial)

Stopping the toad


Trophic cascades in NSW North Coast forests
Individual hunting behavior in feral cats

Climate Change

Will Climate Change Affect the Ecology of Temporary Lakes in Australia?
Regional Biodiversity Responses to Climate Change

Remote Sensing

Regrowth mapping
Using radar satellite imagery to detect and monitor flooding in arid Australian wetlands
Tree species shifts in response to environmental change
Mangrove response to climatic variability
The Injune Landscape Collaborative Project
Supporting continental retrieval of vegetation biophysical attributes

Habitat Restoration

Cumberland Plain Woodland Restoration

Information Management



Wild Deserts

Risk Assessment

Red List of Ecosystems

Threatened Species

Foraging and Habitat Ecology of the Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo
Wombats in road impacted environments
Shrub Encroachment as a Legacy of Native Mammal Decline
The Reintroduction of Locally Extinct Mammals: The Landscape Ecosystem Approach
Biodiversity sampling in Strzelecki Regional Reserve
Tackling prey naïveté in Australia’s threatened mammals

Wetland Ecology and Stable Isotopes

Stable isotope analysis of waterbird diets
Stable isotope analysis of floodplain bat diets
Carbon flux in Aquatic food webs
Do turtles respond to environmental flows?
Captive or Wild?
Brolga and Sarus crane diet comparison
Feather Map of Australia

Platypus Conservation Initiative

Dams as barriers of platypus populations
Trialling remote cemeras for platypus monitoring
Life history and dynamics of a platypus population: four decades of mark-recapture surveys

Applied Marine Ecology

Offshore Artificial Reefs

African Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Investigating artificial waterhole utilisation and management in north-eastern Botswana
Investigating the spatial ecology, habitat use, behaviour, and ecosystem engineering of hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius), a keystone species in the Okavango Delta and Chobe River, northern Botswana.
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