FrogID Honours Opportunity

FrogID Honours Opportunity

An honours student opportunity is available for an independent and self-motivated student. The student would enrol in July 2018 through the Centre for Ecosystem Science (CES), School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences at UNSW Sydney.

About the project: FrogID ( is a national citizen science project led by the Australian Museum, centred around a free app for smartphones that lets users record the calls of frogs and submit to the project. Since launch on 10 November 2017, citizen scientists have submitted recordings resulting in >20k frog records across the country. This data is highly novel and the range of questions is flexible, ultimately based on the student’s expertise and interests. The project would largely rely on data-driven analysis and/or frog call analyses, but field work may be possible. Example projects are listed below, but there is much flexibility.

  1. Valuation of FrogID citizen science records and how to plan spatiotemporal sampling appropriately in comparison to other methods of data collection.
  2. Urban ecology of frogs (e.g., impact of roads, habitat drivers of frog diversity in urban areas).
  3. Variation of advertisement calls within and among frog species.

Supervisors: Dr Jodi Rowley (CES; UNSW Sydney, Australian Museum Research Institute) and Corey Callaghan (CES; UNSW Sydney).

Requirements: We are seeking applicants who have strong quantitative skills and can work independently. Students should have demonstrable knowledge of R computing environment and GIS. Most importantly, students should be passionate about the conservation and management applications of the research. Students need not be from UNSW.

We are seeking candidates prepared to enrol in an Honours programme at UNSW Sydney commencing Semester 2, 2018.

Please send one document which includes an updated CV and a cover letter explaining your suitability for the role to Dr Jodi Rowley ( on or before May 14th 2018. The successful candidate will be required to submit a formal application by 31st May 2018 to enrol in July 2018.

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