Dr Neil Jordan

Dr Neil Jordan

Field of Research
Conservation, carnivores, communication, human-wildlife conflict

I am most interested in the ecology and behavior of predators in human- or livestock-dominated areas, and in developing and evaluating tools to reduce human-wildlife conflict. Other interests include animal communication, and most recently in applying this to managing carnivore movements. Overall I am interested in research underpinning conservation management.

Research Activities

The underlying motivation for my research program is to produce research and evidence that contributes to wildlife management, particularly addressing human-wildlife conflict, a key driver of carnivore decline globally. Details of my carnivore conservation research can be found here on my website, including carnivore conservation research in Botswana, in collaboration with Botswana Predator Conservation, and encompassing conservation ecology and applied conservation programs, particularly focused on large carnivores including African wild dogs, lions, leopards, and hyaenas.

In Australia, my Myall Lakes Dingo Project, supported by the Hermon Slade Foundation and Taronga Conservation Society Australia, aims to develop and test non-lethal tools for dingo management.

I also conduct research in reintroduction biology, specifically focusing on a Greater bilby breed-for-release program at Taronga Western Plains Zoo (where I am based), and reintroduction and rehabilitation of wildlife more broadly.