Jenny Beer

Dr Jenny Beer

Role: Lecturer
Field of research: Bushland management, invasive species
Contact details:
Phone +61 2 9385 2014


Office: Room 601, D26 Building, UNSW, Kensington 2052

My research applies scientific principles to bushland management. Recent Honours students have researched the effects of bush regeneration upon soil seed banks and soil nutrients, and the environmental factors associated with proliferation of the ‘weedy’ native shrub Pittosporum undulatum. With the support of grants from ANSTO and the NSW Environmental Trust I am researching the use of stable isotopes to investigate water use efficiency and nutrient cycling in native and exotic vegetation in urban bushland. I currently coordinate two courses; GEOS 3911/9011 Environmental Impact Assessment and GEOS3921 Coastal Resource Management.

I am located with the Sustainable Aquaculture Research Group where I co-supervise and mentor our team of postgraduate students. I am collaborating on a new project with Dr Malika Virah-Swamy and Dr Rebecca Cross evaluating a proposed biobanking strategy to offset the predicted impacts of a large infrastructure development upon the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. I also collaborate with Dr Catherine Chague-Goff in her environmental geochemistry research.

Student projects

Claire Laws (Honours) compared microclimate, plant species composition and soil nutrient levels at sites with high local density of the native 'weedy' shrub Pittosporum undulatum to nearby uninvaded bushland in Wolli Creek Regional Park. Claire also conducted a glasshouse experiment comparing native and exotic plant seedling survival under shady conditions similar to those under a Pittosporum canopy compared to more open conditions. 

Annabel Murray (Honours) investigated the impacts of long term bushland regeneration upon the vegetation, soil nutrients and soil seed bank of Wolli Creek Regional Park.

Theresa Choi (Honours) examined the action of smoke water upon germination of the soil seed bank in endangered Cooks River/ Castlereagh Ironbark Forest in Sydney.

Noor Chehade (Honours) studied impacts of fire and bush regeneration upon the vegetation and soil seed bank of Cumberland Plain Woodland of Western Sydney.

Oiyu Yeung (Honours) I co-supervised Oiyu in her study of the feasibility of climate change adaptation in a coastal brackish-water aquaculture community in Indonesia.

Elaine Fernandes (Honours) I co-supervised Elaine who conducted a survey in Northern Sydney to investigate perceptions of climate change and barriers to action on climate change.

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