Jes Sammut

Associate Professor Jes Sammut

My main research is currently focussed on solving aquaculture problems in Asia to increase food and income security and to minimise environmental degradation from inappropriate farming practices.  I mainly work in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, but have also conducted research in India, Thailand and the Philippines.  Besides research, I undertake research capacity building activities in developing countries and work closely with government and non-government agencies to facilitate adoption of sustainable farming technologies. I maintain an interest in coastal development issues, environmental law, environmental impact assessment, and the environmental impacts of acid sulfate soils.  I coordinate Environmental Impact Assessment and Coastal Resource Management with Dr Jenny Beer, and guest lecture at Indonesian Universities.  I am also on the Australian Development Scholarships Joint Selection Team for Indonesia and currently supervise 6 Indonesian postgraduate students from across the Indonesian Archipelago.  I am the ACIAR Fisheries Consultant in PNG for the ACIAR Fisheries Program. This role involves developing and monitoring fisheries and aquaculture projects for ACIAR in Papua New Guinea.

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