Katherine Moseby

Katherine Moseby

ARC Research Fellow

Dr Katherine Moseby is a DECRA Research Fellow with the Centre for Ecosystem Science at UNSW. She has a PhD in reintroduction biology from the University of Adelaide and over 25 years experience with reintroductions and research into threatened species and feral animals. Katherine's DECRA will investigate specialization in the hunting behavior of feral cats and the impacts on reintroduced threatened species. She hopes to improve our understanding of predator-prey relationships between native prey and introduced predators with the view to improving conservation outcomes for threatened species. Katherine also conducts research into optimum reintroduction strategies, effectiveness of feral control methods, development of new technologies for feral control, threatened species ecology and arid zone ecology. One of her main interests is facilitating the co-existence of native mammals and introduced predators through novel techniques.

Katherine supervises Honours and PhD students on a range of species including bilbies, quolls, possums, bettongs, bandicoots, native rodents and arid zone reptiles and birds. Topics are as diverse as land use impacts on threatened species, behavioural change and selection, interactions between predators and prey, improving reintroduction success, the ecological effects of individual differences in personality and restoration of ecosystems after threat removal.

Katherine is a member of the Executive Management Committee for the Wild Deserts project which aims to reintroduce 7 locally extinct threatened species to NSW. She is also on the Scientific Advisory Committee for the National Bilby Recovery Team and the Great Victoria Desert Biodiversity Trust (WA) as well as being the conservation representative on the Wild Dog Management Board and Principal Scientific Advisor to Arid Recovery in South Australia. Katherine is passionate about improving the conservation outcomes for Australia's native species through research and on ground action.

+61 407 617 679