Laila Wijaya

Laila Wijaya

Role: PhD research student, AusAID Indonesia

Field of Research: Sustainable aquaculture

Contact details:


Office: Room 601, D26 Building, UNSW, Kensington 2052


The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami caused widespread damage and loss of life in the coastal communities of Aceh. The aquaculture industry was seriously affected because fish and shrimp ponds were located along the coastal lowlands. I am a PhD student studying at UNSW under an Australian Leadership Award funded by AusAID. I am a resident of Aceh where I worked as the Head of the Aquaculture Section of the Marine and Fisheries Agency in Banda Aceh. I commenced my studies at UNSW in June 2011 and will soon commence my fieldwork in Aceh. My research is exploring drivers for aquaculture management before and after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami in Aceh. I am interested in the influence of donor agencies, the cessation of conflict and other social factors that might have triggered a change in management. Formal and informal institutions as well as government and community involvement will be examined to identify changes. This work is an effort to improve aquaculture management strategies as well as enhance donor agency intervention to maximize benefits.


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